Tuesday 30 May 2017

Getting the best out of bridge management technology

Using technology to plan the construction, operation and maintenance of bridges is not new. But as in so many other areas of engineering, construction and asset management, the industry has yet to take advantage of the latest technology or the Big Data that is available, according to an industr


Iron ore on track to peak, but challenges remain

Once again, it is good times for the iron ore miners: global steel production through February 2017 is up 5.8 per cent over last year; prices remain buoyant; and, counterintuitively, China continues to make progress in reducing iron and steelmaking capacity, said an industry expert.


Cyber criminals ‘exploiting employee behaviour’

Browser-based attacks and social engineering are now the two most powerful techniques targeting organisations, a report said, highlighting that both techniques prey upon users as their initial point of entry. “Cyber criminals are going after the weakest link- the employee.


Iraq needs urgent investment in education

The future of Iraq, its economic security and prosperity depends on increasing investment in education today, a Unicef report said.   While the price of investing in Iraq’s education sector is high, failing to do so will cost the nation far more in the future, said the

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